Rim Al Jundi

Born in 1965 in Beirut, Lebanon, Rim Al Jundi often references in her paintings the anguish of emigration and how it separates families and severs ties. Her inspiration comes from struggles encountered in life, and travelling through dreams and deceptions. In her own words, “subject is only a pretext…painting is the playground, the place where secrets are hidden. Nothing is what it seems.” Figures in Al Jundi's work often transmit the anxiety and vulnerability of being. Al Jundi often paints many levels of misery on the faces of her subjects, using skin tones the colour of chocolate with curves uniting in white and yellow lines.

Following her solo debut in Beirut in 1993, her paintings have been widely exhibited. Al Jundi was awarded the Sheikh Zayed graduation prize from the Lebanese American University, where she studied fine art, after which she pursued two degrees in sacred art.