Lamia Joreige

Born Beirut, Lebanon 1972
Lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon

By Isabella Ellaheh Hughes
Beirut-based Lamia Joreige is a filmmaker and visual artist, working in a variety of mediums. Her practice is rooted in her exploration of time, memory, and history, often using archival documents. She fuses archives with fictitious narratives to reflect on historical events and their possible outcomes. Inherent in her work is a deep focus, and almost cathartic emphasis on her country’s experience during and after the Lebanese Civil War, which she grew up during. Replay is a three-channel video installation that examines the concept of time against the backdrop of violence and possible death. Two photographs, fragments of the Lebanese war, are re-enacted by two performers, a man and a woman. The man never stops falling and dying while the woman never stops running or escaping destruction. The book from which these photographs are taken is displayed in vitrine, as an archival reference. Joreige earned her BFA in Painting and Filmmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1995 and is a widely exhibited artist, having shown her work at leading institutions around the world, including: Sharjah Biennial; Venice Biennale and The Tate Modern, London.