Susan Hefuna

Susan Hefuna is an Egyptian-German interdisciplinary artist who examines the complexities of cultural hybridity and the relationship between place and identity. By shifting between a range of media including photography, installation, video, drawing, digital media and sculpture, Hefuna is able to reflect the multifaceted nature of identity.

Often drawing on her own cross-cultural experiences in Egypt and Germany, Hefuna uses intricate patterns and textures from mashirbiya, a kind of window in ancient Islamic architecture used to filter sunlight, allow for air circulation and obscure public view from the outside looking in. By using this theme, Hefuna is able represent the divides that exist between spaces, people and ideas, highlighting how cultures influence each other through a series exchanges between physical borders and cultural filters.

Born in 1962, Hefuna has garnered significant praise for her works and has exhibited in Berlin, Cairo, London, New York and Dubai.