Khaled Zaki

Born 1964, Suez, Egypt
Lives and works in Cairo, Egypt

By Isabella Ellaheh Hughes
Egyptian artist Khaled Zaki is known for his drawings and sculptures. Born in Suez, he has long held a deep fascination with ancient Egyptian and Mediterranean art. Earning his Master’s degree in Restoration from the Faculty of Archaeology at Cairo University, Zaki studied sculpture at the Al Khonany Museum of Art in Giza, and stone carving and bronze casting in various workshops in Italy. Prior to the 2011 Egyptian revolution, he focused primarily on abstract forms. Following the Revolution, he has transitioned to a more figurative style, aiming to capture the feelings and dreams of Egyptians. The Sufi is a rendering of a whirling dervish, an iconic symbol of the spiritual manifestation of Islam. As a form of meditation, whirling requires one hand raised to the sky, ready to receive God’s beneficence while the other points to the ground, maintaining a connection to the earth. Zaki has been widely exhibited and won the International Artist Prize from ART, Taipei, Taiwan and in 2013 represented his country in the Egyptian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.