Layla Juma

Interdisciplinary Emirati artist Layla Juma utilises geometric shapes, in this case circular and elliptical designs, to convey ideas of form and sequence in striking, rhythmic works of art. Her repetitive use of circles in this piece evokes images of fertility and health.

Born in 1977 in Sharjah, where she currently resides, Juma is a member of the Emirates Fine Arts Society and a graduate of architectural engineering. She is among the third-generation of Emirati artists and derives inspiration from prolific UAE artists such as Hassan Sharif and Mohammed Kazem, who were among the first to take a more conceptual approach to art-making.

Themes that are raised in Juma’s work are reminiscent of Sharif’s interest in combining drawing, performance, movement and construction in his work, as well as Kazem’s examination of natural processes and social identity. She scrutinises everyday lines and shapes, often dissecting them into pieces and re-assembling them.

Juma has exhibited her collection in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Egypt, Japan and Switzerland.