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Home Ground

  • 25 Feb. – 1 Sept., 2016
  • Barjeel Art Foundation

The connection one feels to place is an abstract notion, often spoken of in terms of memories, habits, rituals, and experiences. It is elusive, yet always present. Home Ground addresses the struggles associated with navigating geo-political barriers, and explores ways in which identity is shaped by one’s relationship with a particular geography. The works presented in this exhibition have relevance beyond their individual contexts, touching upon themes and experiences that resonate on a global scale.

The idea for the exhibition was derived from the ancient Greek legend of Sisyphus, which tells the story of a mortal who was condemned by the gods to an eternity of pushing a heavy boulder uphill, only to watch it roll down each time it reached the top. Like Sisyphus, the artists in this exhibition are in the process of striving – for an ability to remain in place, for the rights to travel, to emigrate, to return, or to feel at home. When their efforts are not successful they, in time, attempt again. The experiences are both challenging predicaments and processes
full of hope.

This exhibition is jointly organised by the Barjeel Art Foundation and the Aga Khan Museum.