Abdel Rahman Katanani

Palestinian artist Abdul Rahman Katanani depicts the heart-rending realities of Palestinian refugees living in camps in his multi-faceted and creative works of art, created only from materials found on the camp he calls home.

Katanani, born in 1983, has lived his entire life on the Sabra & Shatila camp in Lebanon. His work is an expression of suffering, willpower and endurance. Utilising materials such as zinc plates, tin, cardboard, rags of old clothes and old utensils, Katanani expresses the persistent spirit of resistance espoused by Palestinians living as refugees. His work often evokes contradictory emotions: hopelessness and hopefulness; pain and happiness. By using structural materials of the camp Katanani strives to humanise the daily lives of its residents and send their message to the world in hopes of invoking change and promoting peace.

Katanani has pursued a Master’s degree in fine arts from the Lebanese University. His artwork has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Lebanon and France.