Nasser Al Yousif

Nasser Al Yousif is considered a leading figure in the development of modern art in Bahrain. Recognized for his rhythmic compositions, executed in boldly colored paintings and starkly contrasted black and white linoleum prints, Al Yousif depicted the folkloric traditions and daily life of his homeland: landscapes, villages, cities, ceremonies, popular cafes, and the fishing boats and pearl diving along the coast of Bahrain. In 1994, Al Yousif began to lose his vision, becoming completely blind a little over a year later. Yet this extraordinary artist continued to work, even in the intricate process of etching. With only his figures as his guide, Al Yousif cut shapes from paper, transferred them to linoleum, and carved them with a special tool. Since the late 1950s, the work of Al Yousif has been featured in international solo and group exhibitions. Recognized by numerous awards in Bahrain, his work is held in collections throughout the Arab world.