16 May 2016

AMCA conference at Barjeel and NYU Abu Dhabi

Astraction Unframed: Fourth Annual Conference of the Association for Modern and Contemporary Art of the Arab World, Turkey, and Iran (AMCA)

The fourth AMCA conference opens up the concept of abstraction for inquiry across multiple disciplines, questioning both the frame of modern abstraction and its promise to un-frame. The conference highlights transformations of abstraction in the non-West and the history of aniconic ornament in its spiritual landscapes.

The conference takes place at NYU Abu Dhabi and the Barjeel Art Foundation in Sharjah. By convening the conference in conjunction with a collection of art assembled outside national boundaries, and within an institution of higher learning located between the Middle East and Asia, the conference discussions in the United Arab Emirates will enable the un-framing of abstraction as an artistic process, goal, and critique.

Hosted by NYU Abu Dhabi Institute

In Collaboration with Barjeel Art Foundation and AMCA

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